Xingcheng: as schyzo as it gets

Note: i m posting this from my iphone so formatting aint a priority!!! Grammar nazis refrain!

So…. Xingcheng! To be fair, there just isn’t much info out there about this city; the bits and pieces you might find compare it to pingyao or even yangshuo but it definitely ain t the case!
The city itself ressembles any run of the mill hole in china with dirt, motorcycles, shops, low rises and construction. However, there are 2 more sides to it:
1- old town: supposedly one of the last four remaining authentic ming city walls. It’s cute and lovely but not if you be been in china for any length of time. Shops line up main street and mini carts are cattling away tourists around the 9 places of interest inside the city. Not bad overall but i ll take shanghaiguan over it any day.
2- the beachfront: about 8 km outside the city lies the little haibian section on the waterfront and it s the main gateway to juhua dao where i m headed tomorrow. It s all hotels and BBQ stands equipped with their personal KTV system and it s busy/pricey in august. Most of the hotels were sold out by the time i made it here and the cheapest i could negotiate was 400rmb for a room! Aye chihuahua!
That said, i m loving it! The beach is neat despite being crowded and there are enough hidden spots around to chill in peace. This will be heavenly in low season!
This is also seafood paradise…. Amazing variety…
Night time is quite something as the locals light bonfires all over the beach and kick off the karaoke with guests joining in between to bites of crab or crawfish. Then the sky is set ablaze with fireworks.. Apparently, that s the everyday routine!
I m definitely coming back in september when low season hits and exploring some of those wild beaches i passed by on the way from huludao.