Behind The Scenes

Vital Stats:
Scorpio, born in the year of the horse. currently residing in Beijing, PRC but hailing from the city of “here’s looking at you kid”

I wear many hats, the main one being IT guru and Interface Designer for a small B2B company in the tourism industry.

Favorite Books from last year:
I’m on a Coelho phase, “The Zahir” and “The Witch of Portobello”

Favorite Films: (In no particular order)
Crash, Sin City, As good as it gets, Lord of the Rings, Moulin Rouge, Geronimo, X-men, A la recherche du maris de ma femme (moroccan movie), pulp fiction.

Favorite Bands/Musicians: (In no particular order)
Motley Crue, Concrete Blonde, AC/DC, The Beatles, MC Solaar, Francis Cabrel, Aerosmith, Tom Waits, most classic rock and heavy metal. Absolutely no classical music


chess, the web, soccer, football, tennis, board games, playing bass, mixology, cooking, my wife.

Favorite Magazines:
revolver, mac design, macaddict, business 2.0, maxim, wired.

Favorite Foods:
couscous, kumpow chicken, buffalo wings, sushi, sevice, any medium rare steak, Mario Gniochi and my own lemon chicken tagine.

Latest Projects:
organizing an intensive 2 weeks long chinese language camp for foreigners in China

My Personal Hero:
my dad, god bless his soul. he passed away in 1996. A close second is Nikki Sixx, bass player for Motley Crue.

Favorite TV Shows: (in no particular order)
Mutant X, the screensavers, A&E biography, anything on VH1 and techTV, Highlander, La femme Nikita, Who’s the Boss, V, Just Shoot me.
11/2003 update: New list when I get used to the TV Shows in Morocco

06/2006 update: In china, i’m mainly enjoying CSI, Law & Order, Alias
I Stay Home to Watch: depends on my mood.

currently in an all mac household with 2 ibooks, canon printers, konica cameras, palm pda and Sony Ericsson phone.

Favorite Software Programs:
photoshop, dreamweaver, fireworks, safari, limewire, imovie, iphoto, flash, M$Office, coda.

Favorite Diversion:
it’s not a diversion, it’s multitasking!!!!

Favorite Windows Joke:
how many microsoft employees does it take to change a light bulb?
none! they declare darkness as the new standard

Favorite Web Sites:
Raoul’s ESL Saloon
Chinese Forums

Favorite Game:
computer: SNOOD. without it, I could have gotten so much more work done in the past 3 years.
board: Settlers of Kattan and Risk

Biggest Thrill:
riding my motorcycle on an open highway.

Personal Philosophy:
if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

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