The most precious one

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I found it… after years of digging and searching through online record stores, sampling sites and everywhere i could think off, I finally managed to get my hands on it and it was worth the search and the wait.

I’ve mentioned Concrete Blonde a few times in this blog and more specifically their enigmatic and charismatic singer, Johnette Napolitano who I consider to be one of the truest artists from the last 20 years. Her voice, her lyrics, her attitude… gosh.. so sensitive yet strong… a fragile rose with the prickliest of thorns.


So, back when Concrete Blonde first disbanded, she was on a creative high and made a bunch of records with different people in bands named “Vowel Movement” and “Pretty & Twisted”. She also worked with the Talking Heads. In the meantime, she recorded a solo album “The Sound of a Woman” that was never released. Recording Industry legend had it that a few tapes leaked before the company tanked and were floating around but i had never been able to find it or hear it before.. until yesterday… I finally got “Sound of a Woman” and it was worth the search.. pure Johnette in the way a like her… feisty! I can’t say i’ve enjoyed scrapbook I or II and I have yet to hear most of “Scarred” but this little gem of a record is worthwhile.

Sound of a Woman tracklisting:
1 – I’m Your Queen
2 – Sound of a Woman
3 – I Can Do Anything
4 – Deliver
5 – Something Fast
6 – Tados Los Santos
7 – Firefly
8 – Human
9 – Closer
10 – Sleep
11 – Lullabye for Fabiana

The lyrics are typical Johnette with passages like:

“I cry like a cloud and laugh like a clown”
” this is the sound of a woman that knows how to bow down and get back up again”

and it just goes on with her opening her soul in every song… it’s painfully beautiful..

3 thoughts on “The most precious one

  1. Still Searching

    The fact that your tenacity finally paid off gives me hope. I’ll keep up the search.

  2. badr

    thanks mate… it’s worth the search. I’d offer to share it but Johnette has asked a few folks to refrain from spreading this record and I have to abide by that.
    All I can say is that it’s out there…

  3. Found it

    Found a quality copy of this in torrents

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