Back in the wild: summer 2009 bootcamp

well, it’s official and just in the nick of time! There will be a summer 2009 bootcamp between August 16 -30!Yes I know, I should make up my mind once and for all about these things and just stop flip flopping about whether or not to have them but it’s not that simple.

I LOVE Bootcamps! despite the stress, the headaches, the problems and what not, they are just so bloody rewarding! I get to meet some of the greatest persons in the world while organizing these babies and this little two-weeks long adventure has proved to be an amazing springboard for some long lasting friendships.

Looking at some of my best friends right now and some of the people that mean a lot to me i my life, a few of them are those I met directly or indirectly through bootcamp and I think that is a big factor in why I keep this baby going.

So here you have it… Summer 2009 intensive chinese bootcamp is on!

This one however is gonna be different! I’m taking this baby back to basics with a secluded lodge in the middle of nowhere so that we can concentrate on studies and enjoy peace and quiet while doing so. I miss waking up and going swimming before class or doing homework next to a lake.
Summer 2009 bootcamp

Bootcamp day 1

what a way to begin 2k9… posts about botcamp!

So we made it and all is good. Gang is settled in, a motley crew from all over the world with all 5 continents present and accounted for. once again, the crowd is quite varied with ages ranging from early 20s to late 60s with everything else in between.
Having the internet is definitely a joy and will come in handy as far as getting things done and keeping up with everything that is happening . Of course, it might also prove to be a bit of a distraction but the pros out-weight the cons.

a few things are ever so reliable:

– Bootcamp still attracts some of the most interesting and bright persons around.

– Always trust the Germans to figure out and organize the beer supply… I don’t think it took more than 20mn for our resident Deutsher to track down the only shack in the area that carried his preferred beer and organize regular deliveries.

– good food makes everyone happy!

so tomorrow, the madness kicks off and we rocknroll into class… I’m tired…. time to punch out of here..