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sticking to the plan: last year’s model

I wrote about this a few weeks ago with an inventory of my gadget collection that’s just sitting anf collecting dust. Since then, I’ve been a good boy and avoided any personal gadget purchase despite my desire to get a new camera. The rationale is that I do have all the stuff I need at the moment!
Part of it was T-mobile dash (win-mo phone manufactured by HTC) that had been collecting dust for the most part of last year due to a lack of Chinese capability. Since then, after one too many frustrations with my Nokia N95 8GB, I decided to give the Dash another chance.

I browsed online for hours seeking a way to make it fully multilingual and to make a long story short, I succeeded! Not only is it multilingual but it’s running a modified windows mobile pro 6.1 ROM thanks to some good folks online that have the knowledge and the time to “cook” said ROM.

I’ve made the Dash my default phone over the past 2 weeks and I am pleased with the results. The phone is fast, snappy, can run quite a few apps and handle English and Chinese. With a bit of time, I could even make it speak French which would be an added bonus.

While definitely not iphonesque, the WinMo interface runs miles around that of the S60…. I can’t even begin to comprehend how anyone would put up with such a slow beast! Yes, the N95 is a few years old now but it still retails for a pretty penny…. and it’s not worth it IMHO… not at all!