Alleluyah…. it’s raining! I know it is the hardest thing to believe but I am actually happy that it is raining…. can you dig that? I am even happier that it waited until we got back from the grape festival that I went to this morning with a few other Laowais from Hefei. It was a nice break from the routine where I got to meet new folks and chat with some locals working at a local university. I have to admit that they were wonderful to me and they took care of everything on this trip.

We had a van to take us to the village (1/2 hour ride), tour guides, a great meal with red (more like brown) wine, free grapes to bring back home… the whole nine yards. This has been the most eventful day in Hefei.


It’s raining here, it’s raining there, it’s raining everyfreakingwhere… I hate it. I was hoping for a nice and blistering hot summer but this week is by far the wetest since I arrived in China. I just can’t function with grey skies…I just can’t.

I’ve got about 200 papers to go through before tomorrow afternoon and I just keep looking at the stack, afraid to touch it….