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Not a revolution, it’s an evolution

About a month ago, yours truly hit a existentialism crisis in Beijing where everything stopped making sense no matter how hard I tried. Various events of personal nature took place and left me questioning life quite a bit and wondering whether the winds of change were blowing my direction again!
So I left my job behind, decided to close bootcamps once and for all then take some time to settle things in my head hoping to find some answers.
I then headed off to Juhua Dao, a small island in Liaoning Province where i found peace and quiet enough to clean up some of those cobwebs and just unwind! I went there looking for answers and I came back having found the questions which was even more important.

So, fast forward a few days/weeks, I’m back in Beijing and life is slowly getting back to normal ( or my definition of it).

I’ve moved to a new flat with a fantastic terrace overlooking Beijing, all in the same neighborhood!
I “might” be going back to my old company albeit in a new position/title.
I’ve got a renewed commitment to Beijing and China for at least a little while longer.
I love my friends for being around when I needed them and leaving me alone when I needed it.

Life is good.