music and music then more music

I’m really in the middle of a musical revival!

Over the past few months, I have managed to get back in touch with live performances to the point where I now make it to 3 or 4 shows a week all around Beijing. Most of these escapades are well documented on my other blog Beijing Daze and i highly encourage you to read them and learn about some exciting bands in China.. both Chinese and Foreigners.

Some recommendations I can throw out there are ZIYO, XTX, The Redbucks, Girls are waiting to meet you and RandomK(e) so google them and appreciate. I’m gonna work on a cross post soon with links to free downloads from a lot of these bands so that people become familiar with at least one of two of their songs.

A side effect of this particular development is that I’m also back to writing songs which i have not done in years!!! I used to argue that people only write when they’re unhappy but I find myself changing that tune. I’m as happy as they get at this point in time but nevertheless, I feel like writing so in that respect, I guess I’m writing because i feel the need to write!

I wish i could say the same for instruments 🙁 my poor guitars are gathering dust and have been largely untouched over the past few months since i stopped going to open mike night at Tun but soon enough i hope.. soon enough