MJ: This is it

We’ve come a long way living in China compared to 6 years ago when i first landed over here. I was lucky enough to be part of the Michael Jackson: THIS IS IT premiere in Beijing at midnight on Oct 28th, a full 12 hours before its first showing in USAnia.. my oh my…
I’ve been an MJ fan for as long as I can remember and make no apologies for it! I am one of the few folks I know of that consider HIStory a good record and proudly jumps up and down like a teenage girl when his songs come on. That said, I did lose touch with the artist and didn’t enjoy Invincible much. I didn’t appreciate the new direction he was taking with so many guest writers, collaborators when he had more talent in one of his fingernails than all of them combined.

THIS IS IT reinforced those feelings and much more! MJ was going full steam ahead, dancing with unrivaled grace and taking ownership of the whole show process. His involvement as far as each and every single aspect of the choreography, the musical arrangements and the way he interacted with his band members and dancers showed the genius at work!

It’s a side of MJ that often got lost behind the constant focus on his entertaining skills and his non-music related problems and that is a shame! If nothing else, this movie/documentary shines a light on those sides of a man often misjudged and misunderstood.

Definitely recommended!