It’s over

I just finished grading all of those bloody final papers from my 200+ writing class. It took some strong motivation to finish reading some of them…. Overall, they did a decent job but a few of them tried pulling a fast one and turning in work that was not their’s …Plagiarism…. I warned them that it would be the only way for tehm to get a zero and that did not deter them from trying. I can’t really decide if it is comical or sad that Cheating is so engrained in this culture.

Before taking the job, I had all these misconceptions about China and the Chinese students being real hard worker. I based that on my college experiences and the amount of hard work that those T.A. used to put in at Florida State. well, let me tell you brother, it ain’t the case over here.

They don’t come to class; they’re always sick; they don’t understand when I talk about homework; they just try to cheat their way out of school. Not that school is hard or cheap. Most parents have to fork out 10000 RMB a year for these brats to be here and most of these parents make somwhere between 1000 and 2000 RMB a month. You would think that the ungratefull asses would try to put some effort into it…