great lyrics: Matmatah – Alzheimer

I discovered Matmatah a few months ago thanks to a colleague of mine and really fell in love with their style and lyrics. Fresh Brittany sounds with enough of a gipsy rock edge if I may describe them that way!

In a song called “Alzheimer” they write:

Ou alors régressons fatalement,
Eternellement. Des débutants.
Avec la peur comme exutoire à l’ignorance
Alzheimer en prof d’histoire de nos enfances.

which can be more or less translated as

Or let’s fatally regress,
eternally. Beginners.
With fear as a way out of ignorance
Alzheimer as the History teacher of our childhood”

I’m not even really doing it justice at this point but I cannot get enough of that verse!
those are some cool cats folks and if you get a chance to give them a listen, take it. Also lookup the video for a song called “la cerise” on youtube (I’d link it but it’s not available in the mainland at the moment)

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