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china cool or china cool-down ?

Got a few friends that left China for good this year after spending a substantial chunk of time in the middle kingdom doing various jobs but mostly teaching. For one reason or another, these folks had to pack it up, leave their cushy comfy life behind and make it back home, with home referring to good old USAnia at this point.

So, fast forward a few months: these folks are having a hard time adjusting, finding jobs and generally getting settled into the ol’ country! Granted, there is an economical “crisis” at hand and what not but these are highly qualified and experienced good people that are now looking at Mc D or Taco hell for a paycheck.

The most common comment that has been standing out was: “the China experience just doesn’t seem to be relevant” or ” Teaching in China is a resume killer” or that people “know i’ve been in China for a while but never ask about it”. I’m sitting here from afar looking at it all and wondering about that situation in utter disbelief but at the same time wondering if that disbelief is justified.


China is all over the news, it’s the next big thing and it’s been the next big thing for quite a few years now; or is it?
Yes, China is relevant in terms of business for multinationals but how does it matter to average joe blow inside the bible belt? I’m guessing the biggest question might be: ” is their general tso’s chicken really much better than the one from the all you can eat $5 buffet down the street?”
Maybe that’s over-exaggerating but you get the idea.

I’m not sure what I’m getting to here but I keep remembering what a friend said about the “lack of China cool” in USAnia and how relevant that is to this situation.

food for thoughts or ramblings signaling it’s time for bed?