yip.. it’s almost here

“you’re living in Beijing but you fail to mention the Olympics on your blog!

I’ve gotten that comment a few times so far and I can’t say I’ve been doing it on purpose but it is just the way things turned out to be. Part of living in Beijing is that we talk about the games on a daily basis, we hear about them on a daily basis and we complain about them on a daily basis. Maybe it’s time to sit down and look at them from a different perspective as challenging as that may be.

There is no denying certain negative side effects.. they’re tallied and counted in many places throughout the wild wide web and even once or twice on this not-so-humble blog… I’m not going there right now, I’ll try to look at the positives:

1- Subway

I think the single greatest most obvious benefit is the subway system. It now covers most of the city! I can get from m house to just about any point of interest within Beijing without having to deal with cabs. There are still exceptions but what we got now is pretty darn good. Granted, I still have to properly take advantage of it and go to some of these new places but that will come soon enough.

2- Cleanup

Yes, they’ve changed Beijing. The city is greener, cleaner, leaner and meaner in more ways than you can imagine. As silly as the restrictions might sound, we did see an amazing sundown today with hints of a blue sky in between sheepskin like cover of clouds. Just lovely!

3- Choices + options:

There is no denying the multitude of new restaurants, shops, businesses that have opened recently. You can see it everywhere! I might not care for most of them but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Choice is good! Competition is good! Wether or not these places survive 3 months from now remains to be seen but we’ll get to that when it’s time to get there.