winter ramblings

Gee.. where did 2010 go? I feel like it was just yesterday when the first snowfall of the year caught us unaware on halloween night 2009 and here we are again looking at halloween 2010 less than 10 days away. I’m not really sure why but this one has gone through really really fast.

It’s about 5:25 pm and the sky is pretty dark from pollution, cold, haze and daze which is just depressing to some extent. It’s hard to find the motivation to come out of it and get anything done or go anywhere today but alas, duty calls!!! there are dinners to attend, concerts to enjoy, KTV to be sung etc…

I swear, if i could manage my professional life the way i handle my social calendar, Larry Ellison would have nothing on me.

Talking about professional stuff… it’s always kinda fun and games… I’m trying to find more time to dedicate to the bastard child of the cerbex family: Request Rooms! (
It’s a funny beast this one: We’re trying to take a good 5 years of B2B group travel experience and leverage it for the benefit of the average consumer. We’re trying to make it easier for groups ( families, businesses etc…) to book rooms across europe, especially when they’re doing multiple cities.
In theory, this is quite cool but it’s proving harder than expected… Too many errors, business mistakes and what not have kinda screwed us over on this new baby but there is a bit of renewed hope. here’s trying for it!

did I mention it was gonna be a long winter?