the pope, atheism and a bit of wine

by all accounts, I should not be typing right now but this is my goddamn blog and I have had quite a bit of vino so here it comes! I’m getting ready to go to bed and I check the news one last time..then I stumble on this article: Pope goes to war against Atheism or something like that

right… color me pissed off!

Admittedly, I’ve only read the article instead of listening to the speech itself but I’ll trust the source! so, Mr. Pope, we’re getting angry at atheists? right… whatever… What has religion done for the world lately other than breed extremism, conflict and war?

Christianity? Get your own goddamn house in order before you dare judge others! The supposed keepers of the torch are the ones killing it with all the scandals involving church and priests taking advantage of their flock.
Islam? Get your own goddamn house in order and get it over with as far as bombing suicides and terrorism goes! This might get me killed but what the fuck? You’re promised 72 virgins in paradise if you sacrifice yourself? right! I haven’t met 72 of them on earth.
Judaism? Hello? Israel and settlements? You’re busy complaining about being treated like shit and treating the rest of the world like shit.
I am an equal opportunity religious basher… let me restate… religious basher! I won’t bash religions because i do believe that they’re all beautiful concepts with great guidelines… however, what the sherpas of said religions have done perverts and fucks up everything said religions stand for. prove me wrong, I dare you!

anyways, I just get pissed off at anyone that goes off on a “holier than thou” rant without even throwing in a small number of disclaimers…. and having a few glasses of wine just accentuates it all!