Season’s Greetings

I’m not sure if anyone even checks here nowdays as I have indeed neglected this little piece of the web but either ways, it’s still that time of the year and I do want to take a few minutes to extend my best wishes for the festivus!

So much time has passed, so much water under the bridge and years later, life has taken interesting twists and turns that I am mostly thankful for.
The one thing i do regret this year is that I have not been able to keep in touch with some people I really care about in all 4 corners of the world! Yes, I’ve been busy and it’s been hectic but that is not good enough in my book!

I hope that the next following weeks will be a good opportunity to catch up with all of you in Florida, Atlanta, Oregon, Casablanca, Montreal, Hong Kong, Montpellier and wherever else you are!

Love for Festivus