resolutions and changes

This was gonna be year of no resolutions and no wish-lists, just actions and I guess it’s starting on good footing: I haven’t had a cigarette for 36 hours and so for I’m feeling quite good about the whole thing!

I wish I could say that it was some sort of effort but it wasn’t. I was out in the hotsprings with some friends recovering from NYE celebrations when I ran out of smokes and decided to not go and get more. My last cigarette was officially on January 1st 2010 around 9:00 pm

Let’s see how grumpy and bitchy i’m gonna be since tomorrow marks the beginning of my yearly detox week and lord knows i need one this year: The last two months were noticeable in terms of excess: too much going out, too much eating, too much drinking, too little sleep etc… I’m actually looking forward to being creative with my diet again and going for a whole different spectrum of dishes, not to mention experiment with new ones at home and outside.

wish me luck