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phone ramblings

I offered to help my friend C with upgrading his unlocked 1.0.2 firmware iphone to the latest and greatest 1.1.3 last week and he took me up on that. I picked up the toy slightly worried that something might go wrong because it sounded like a major software surgery was needed. I was right, I just didn’t know how right I ended up being. To make a long story short, I got it done in 24h more or less and it was good. One problem if any of you out there is upgrading to 1.1.3 will be that most applications/tweaks/utilities have not yet been updated. double check that the ones you’re used to are available!
I found out much later that KB (to disable predictive texting) and iCostas ( chinese input) were only available for 1.1.2. Had I done my homework earlier, I would have stopped the upgrade at that instead of going all the way to 1.1.3!
Anyways, one day after i was done with my major surgery, some enterprising folks came out with a new way to unlock that baby in 3 clicks…. lesson of the day: WAIT AS LONG AS YOU CAN!

my impressions of the toy after 3 days of playing with it:

* amazingly user-friendly
* so easy to get used to ( apple UI design of course)
* great party trick
* the Wi-FI is powerful, much better than that of my LifeDrive
* comfortable to hold
* I Love the keyboard (especially after dealing with a T-mobile Dash)


* Can’t forward messages
* you shouldn’t have to hack it to use different languages
* need a way to turn off GPRS

After toying with that baby for a few days, I got to play with a T-mobile Dash but that’s another story! Let’s just say that after a few days with a dash in my house, I couldn’t wait to get my own iphone. 16GB should be coming very soon! a long a detailed post about the Dash will follow as well.

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  2. Re: Iphone.

    Daer Badr, this is your friend C. Here are my gripes about the great toy that you have upgraded for me but that is giving me some headaches.
    1) The faxing spelling correction is driving me faxing crazy! I canno write in pinying because it keeps on correcting my writing. Fax that man! I did not have all these problems before you played with it. next time play with a girl instead of with MY toys. 🙂
    2) Language choise is also on. Need to get reed of it. Now!
    3) As you have mentioned the message forwarding is not on. “Zao1 Gao1”.
    4) The downloadable fixtures are not working properly, so cannot download several useful items that YOU have told me I would be able to use.
    Instead you run away. In fact you run to another country. But i will lay in wait for your return and then… well, you’ll see what then, “buddy”
    Your friend C 🙂

  3. This is “C” again. I forgot to mention that my reveng for you running away before completely “fixing” my faxing but gorgeous Iphone, was to “unload” my T-mobile to you. eh,eh,eh… OK now you know the reason why I have given it to you. Suffer!!!

    Of course at the end of the day, you are forgiven because the of the great and positive experience of this last Boot Camp. This one far surpassed the last one, which was not bad at all.
    I am now serving notice that I am officially reserving a private room for the next one, commencing June 22nd.
    In fact I feel so much better, that I am even willing to take back the T-mobile. (pst… were you able to download some new goodies in to it?)You of course saved your ass by not showing the performance of the rest of the Boot Camp singing group, “The Cats & The Dogs”.
    Thank you for that. We owe you a bottle of red. 🙂

    Remember “He who sits on a cactus, will get pricks up his ass” so xiÇŽoxÄ«n.

    This is all for now.

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