hum!! after 3 hours battling with plugins for WP, I have yet to be satisfied with any of the existing ones. Most of them are just too slow or require too much tweaking with the interface. I might have to accept defeat and install Gallery on it’s own… If I do that then I would need to add a header for navigation purposes…decisions, decisions… not sure

any ideas?


cool thing happened today, I managed to get one of those highly coveted Gmail accounts. I am not sure what to use it for yet but it is worth having. I might snag a few just for good mesure….nahh. I have plenty of e-mail accounts already in use. One more might just wreak havok in my world…. I might end up using it for my website registrations…. I am not sure that I like to count on Hotmail for that…. there is nothing I hate more than to login to that crappy interface just to find a shitload of spam….

it works

youpi doo… after 2 hours of fiddling with uploads and upgrades, I managed to get the 1.2 version of wordpress to work. The frustrating part is that I have no idea about what went wrong. My best guess is that the files were somehow corrupted during the transfer and that messed something up.

Anyways, now that it is working properly, I can try to get some more stuff done as far as including hacks, a picture gallery and other tweaks that I think are relevant or usefull.

stay tuned for more


I have been trying to get this back on track for a month now…hope this is final