Olympics round 1 – Boxing

Yes, Ma… your son had the privilege to witness an olympic event live at the venue, amongst the people, bathed in cheers and strange sounds emanating from plastic thingies being banged together. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves now, shall we?

I left the office right around 6 p.m heading for Workers’ Gymnasium where i was to meet Jon, the lucky recipient of my spare ticket. I had originally planned to take the newly opened line 10 all the way to sanlitun and then just walk the rest of the way but i thought better of it at the last minute and hopped in a cab to do a traffic test run for wednesday’s football games. It took all of 20mn to get there in the middle of rush hour which must be some kind of record.

outside the crime scene

I did have to take a mandatory picture with one of the fuwas (under duress, i swear) but unfortunately, it wasn’t with m camera so i can’t share it here as proof of my complete and utter willingness to compromise and just dive into the Olympic spirit head first…

center stage

There were quite a few nice bouts between all the lightweights ( who by the way are extremely light at 57, 60 and 62kg whereas I’m 70kg… aye ae aye chihuahua ). I was however let down by the Moroccan pugilist who got his rear-end handed over to him on a silver platter by some really tall and skinny dude from Mongolia.

Not to be outdone, the American fighter sucked just as bad if not more:
score 2

The treat of the night came when the local fighter entered to a rousing round of applaud by the 1000s of Chinese in the building that managed to keep the noise level at pretty darn deafening volume. The fight was pretty darn close between him and some Ukrainian dude. The score was actually 7-8 for the Chinese representative within 10 seconds of the final bell. At that point, the whole building was in standing on the edge of Euphoria until the last punch landed, making it 7-9 for the local Hero just before the bell :

china score

I do have a video of the last match and will try to get it up here as soon as I can remember my youtube username/pass.

see you tomorrow for final women preliminary round.