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leave a message after the beep

gosh I used to hate hearing those words when I called someone and got their answering machine or voicemail, especially the voicemail on the mobile. It just felt like the biggest scam in the word to leave a 30s message saying: “yo, this is blah blah, call me back”. the way i figure it, you see a missed call from a person, you call them back.. simple ain’t it?

As I was watching “Sideways” (see previous post), there were a few instances of people leaving messages that meant a heck of a lot more than a phone conversation because it was uninterrupted communication. There was a also a case of someone being saved by a voicemail because they managed to avoid a potentially problematic conversation..

As that took place on the screen, I was reminded of a few situations recently where I wished and even longed for answering machines to be widely available in the middle kingdom.. i guess they do have their uses after all.. so here’s one to old fashioned technology that we love to hate