gee… there is not G problem after all

so, two weeks after the earth stopped turning because Google announced they would stop censoring the results on their .cn domain, we’re still around and not much has changed!
The blogoshphere is full of posts, rants and articles from everyone and their dog about why, how and what now but truth must be said, it’s all just chit chat and distraction from other issues!

The Romans used gladiators to distract the mass popula from real problem and state trouble. Other rulers used similar tactics to distract their citizen from whatever issues were at hand and disguise them. They’ve used comedy, games, wars, tragedy and music amongst others. This whole Google thing feels much like that right now.

In a few more weeks, it will be all but forgotten! the ones that want results can get them with or without google making their move! It’s not gonna give me a more table access to picasa or google docs, not that i care much to use them. It’s not gonna get the folks that lost their job at Fanfou their jobs back…
what it did/does very well was to provide us with a good opportunity to pretend we can use out analytical abilities for the first time in a while

just a sham or a scam..