sticking to the plan: last year’s model

I wrote about this a few weeks ago with an inventory of my gadget collection that's just sitting anf collecting dust. Since then, I've been a good boy and avoided any personal gadget purchase despite my desire to get a new camera. The rationale is that I do have all...
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last year’s model

Came across a great little site today on my twitter feed about "last year's gadgets" which is promoting using older models of electronics and gadgets in an effort to save the planet. It's an approach that does make sense when you think about as last year's top of...
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spoken words and freedom of speech

A lot has been said and written about the internet, freedom of speech and truth. So much indeed that it is pretty hard to sift through the massive amounts of "journalistic" crap that is out there. I've always said, and i'm not alone, that journalists should never...
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leave a message after the beep

gosh I used to hate hearing those words when I called someone and got their answering machine or voicemail, especially the voicemail on the mobile. It just felt like the biggest scam in the word to leave a 30s message saying: "yo, this is blah blah, call me back"....
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phone ramblings

I offered to help my friend C with upgrading his unlocked 1.0.2 firmware iphone to the latest and greatest 1.1.3 last week and he took me up on that. I picked up the toy slightly worried that something might go wrong because it sounded like a major software surgery...
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