great lyrics: Matmatah – Alzheimer

I discovered Matmatah a few months ago thanks to a colleague of mine and really fell in love with their style and lyrics. Fresh Brittany sounds with enough of a gipsy rock edge if I may describe them that way! In a song called "Alzheimer" they write: Ou alors...
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look Ma’ I’m playing guitar

Look Ma' ! I'm back on stage again.. [caption id="attachment_537" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="no tomatoes or rotten eggs were thrown during the making of these pictures."][/caption] After investing years and years messing around with the guitar and not...
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’tis holiday season

yep, it's that time again! Yet another year is slowly winding down.... this is one i ain't gonna shed no tears for! heck, I'd pay to skip december if it was possible... By the looks of it, december 31st is gonna be one hell of a night because there are so many folks...
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The most precious one

I found it... after years of digging and searching through online record stores, sampling sites and everywhere i could think off, I finally managed to get my hands on it and it was worth the search and the wait. I've mentioned Concrete Blonde a few times in this...
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Sideways.. isn’t everything?

I just had a lovely evening drinking a nice Merlot and watching this absolute gem of a movie about love, life and more importantly wine... This is a case of "If i were to explain, you wouldn't understand" in terms of trying to tell someone why the movie is so good...
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