I just got this from one of my students:

I have a friend , his Written English got a O, what is mean?
He is biology student, his number is fourteen.
I want to know how many scores he can get?
I aslo want to know whether he can pass or not?

gimme a freakin’ break… Yes, he got a frikkin’ zero..No, he ain’t passing…. jeezz..


hum!! after 3 hours battling with plugins for WP, I have yet to be satisfied with any of the existing ones. Most of them are just too slow or require too much tweaking with the interface. I might have to accept defeat and install Gallery on it’s own… If I do that then I would need to add a header for navigation purposes…decisions, decisions… not sure

any ideas?


I have been trying to get this back on track for a month now…hope this is final