Capoeira and Lifestyle….

Wow, feels like the blog is a ghost town since I started running Beijing Daze and The Noodle Diaries… truth be said, Facebook actually is the main culprit as most people that used to read things on here now keep up with my adventures over on Facebook. Still, every so often, I do get the urge to write and it’s not necessarily related to music or Chinese food or even Beijing in any way, shape or form.. I guess I just have a lot to blabber about.

Granted, this is not much blabber.. it’s a lifestyle issue!
I’ve become really addicted to Capoeira and obsessed with health to some extent ( not to the extent of quitting cigarettes though).

So, I started Capoeira about 2 years ago now, on and off depending on injuries and other distractions… still, what started as a new mean of exercise to stay in shape and keep the diabetes demons away is slowly turning into one hell of an important part of my life: I love the dancing and martial arts aspect but what I love even more is the spirit behind Capoeira: that sense of community i was actually missing when I played football with my teams between ’06 and ’09.

This past weekend, my relationship with Capoeira took yet another turn after our group organized and hosted a fantastic set of workshops with world renowned Ido Portal… This guy was an amazing Capoeirista in his own right until he threw it all out the window and started again from scratch learning about the basics of the body.

I was kinda of afraid that his workshop would be a bit too intense for me but i left it craving more and wanting more…. the guy can teach and has charisma! If u get a chance to attend any of his workshops, do go for it.