Bangkok Tattoo, a refreshing tale of perversion

Nice.. really nice! It’s been a while since i’ve been excited by a thriller of any kind, much less one that at first glance seemed to play on all the stereotypes, which makes “Bangkok Tattoo” by John Burdett even more enjoyable.

The story takes place mostly in Bangkok with a few chapters erring the way of USAnia then southern Thailand. It’s a tale of wholes, life, Buddhism, evolution and calculated redemption ( amongst many other things).

I’m not really sure if Bangkok as a city is anything like this description since I ve never been there. That said, I could feel the city through the book, I could hear the noises and smell the stench exuding form the pages.

I’m also a big fan of first person narratives where every so often, the writer will just talk to the reader and acknowledge their presence which happens more than once in this particular book.

Of course, remains the tattoo element and how it fits in… that, you should probably find out for yourself.

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