a new passion: shutterbug-head with the Sony NEX5

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It was waiting to happen…. find a new distraction to concentrate on or just something new to get hooked on! And photography got me by the balls. Through the two years I’ve been running BeijingDaze, I’ve taken close to 100,000 pictures of food and music, not to mention the tons of pictures during various trips.
I’m not implying that I’ve developed an eye for it but i’ve definitely become more interested in the topic! I’m juggling terms like exposure, aperture, shutter speed and what not in trying to get a certain look and feel.

To help me achieve that, after a year of research, I’ve settled on Sony’s NEX5 as my tool of choice! and it was love at first touch!

I had a few requirements when i set out reading about cameras:

– Lightweight
– High ISO potential ( for low light concert shots)
– Superzoom or replaceable lenses
– Solid body
– upgradable

The first criteria pretty much cancelled out most SLR type cameras as I didn’t want to lug them around shows in my backpack. I’ve seen people do that and can’t imagine being stuck in the middle of a moshpit trying to protect one of those monsters… I was gonna wait and feel it out, but it was a long shot getting anything too heavy! Still, Micro 3/4 cameras were on the radar with the EPL-2 and NEX5 leading the way. Nikon’s D3100 had a shot i felt.

ISO is beyond important considering how often i find myself in dark dark places shooting musicians in weird light situations… simple and important! most cameras i was considering would be an upgrade from my Lumix FX48.

Considering how far i could be form stage sometimes and my fascination with taking pictures of musicians’ faces, I just had to get something that would allow me to zoom in. Simple enough.

I also don’t like plastic, never did! This is how the EPL-2 lost out! it felt like cheap plastic crap

When all was said and done, I walked out with the Sony NEX5. EPL-2 felt cheap despite it being more modern and similarly priced. The Nikon felt bulky and was also plasticy…

I’ve been shooting it for over a month now and couldn’t be happier. My shots have improved and I’m getting pickier as time goes by. look for more pictures to come up on wondering mind in the future.