Hello folks!

It seems as though you have made it to the little slice slice of the web that is my vitual home. You expect this site to keep changing as I find time to add more content such as my poetry, my multimedia creations, and an ever increasing collection of digital pictures.

WonderingMind.com is very much a represention of myself: I come from a science background, I have a B.S. in Finance from Florida State University, and I make a living providing technology solutions for small businesses. You might even come across me bartending or playing bass guitar in a local pub; the next day, you'll find me playing chess and discussing politics at your local cofee house. I am a wondering mind!

In time, I will also try to replicate the whole site in French, Arabic and maybe Spanish. Meanwhile, feel free to browse around.




-for a limited time, the unreleased video for the song "American Zero" by Motley Crue. Edited and directed by yours truly.
-My resume in now Online
-A Gallery of Arwork for various projects has been uploaded.