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Vital Stats:
I' am 24, soon to be 25. I currently reside in the outskirts of Atlanta, Ga (for the locals, it's in Lawrenceville). Originally from the beautiful city of Casablanca, Morocco.
11/2003 update: just turned 25 and moved back to Casablanca..

Coordinator of Multimedia and Logistics for a small web centric company; Assistant Manager for a Well known Steakhouse chain in the Lawrenceville area. What does it mean? Anything from brewing coffee, building web sites, computers, to translating legal documents. maybe starting my M. S. at the University of Georgia in Athens in the fall 2003.

Last Book Read:

Allah Superstar: a funny take on the sad state of the world today

Favorite Films: (In no particular order)
As good as it gets, Lord of the Rings, Moulin Rouge, Geronimo, X-men, A la recherche du maris de ma femme (moroccan movie), pulp fiction.

Favorite Bands/Musicians: (In no particular order)
Motley Crue, Concrete Blonde, AC/DC, The Beatles, MC Solaar, Francis Cabrel, Aerosmith, Tom Waits, most classic rock and heavy metal. Absolutely no classical music

chess, the web, soccer, football, tennis, board games, playing bass, mixology, cooking, my wife.

Favorite Magazines:
revolver, mac design, macaddict, business 2.0, maxim, wired.

Favorite Foods:
couscous, buffalo wings, sushi, sevice, any medium rare steak.

Latest Projects:
going back to grad school, keeping up with my boss unlimited amount of ideas for new ventures ( setting up a webhosting company and flash tutorials company)

My Personal Hero:
my dad, god bless his soul. he passed away in 1996. A close second is Nikki Sixx, bass player for Motley Crue.

Favorite TV Shows: (in no particular order)
Mutant X, the screensavers, A&E biography, anything on VH1 and techTV, Highlander, La femme Nikita, Who's the Boss, V, Just Shoot me.
11/2003 update: New list when I get used to the TV Shows in Morocco

I Stay Home to Watch:
depends on my mood.

Mac Setup:
G4 700 with combo CDRW/DVD drive. 40GB HD with an extra external firewire 20GB and a 10GB ipod ;-). iomega zip, sony external firewire CDRW, Canon MiniDV, Toshiba digital camera.
For mobility purposes, I use an ibook dual USB.
My next toy will be a nice titanium powerbook (if the wife or the boss let me!)

Favorite Software Programs:
photoshop, dreamweaver, fireworks, safari, limewire, imovie, iphoto, flash, M$Office.

Favorite Diversion:
it's not a diversion, it's multitasking!!!!

Favorite Windows Joke:
how many microsoft employees does it take to change a light bulb?
none! they declare darkness as the new standard

Favorite Web Sites:

Favorite Game:
computer: SNOOD. without it, I could have gotten so much more work done in the past 3 years.
board: Settlers of Kattan and Risk

Biggest Thrill:
riding my motorcycle on an open highway.

Personal Philosophy:
if it's not broke, don't fix it.


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